Grenadian Josh Berkeley Strikes Again With “Don’t Wanna Go”


By Lesandra Scott (The Interview GDA)

I’m not gonna lie, my right eyebrow shot up when that beat began. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s because I know him and how he sings , I’m picturing every strained facial expression that his notes reflect. Josh not only makes you vividly picture and definitely feel what his words are saying, but, Josh also makes you want said person just as badly as he does. [I honestly felt like I was cheating on my guy while listening to this song. Jeeze.]
In the first verse he talks about her easing his thoughts and helping him in ways she’s unaware of . In turn, he feels like he owes his entire being to her. The second verse is more on the physical side of things, though he doesn’t get raunchy with it.; he still kept it descriptive yet classy.
“The love that we make transcends earthly feelings, taps into a spiritual thing”
His chorus however?
He doesn’t want to be away from her physically and emotionally, his voice makes it seem painful to bare her absence. It’s not just the physical, it’s far from just the physical with this girl.
It’s more than skin deep, “You’re the one for me, I feel it in my soul, don’t you ever leave, I need you more and more”

Josh Berkeley performing single Don’t Wanna Go.
Prod. Joshua Benjamin
Mix &Master: Dwayne Adigun Celestine
Bass: Quincy Sharpe
Co-writer (Bridge melody and lyrics) :Teddon Mark
Artwork: Terel Moore