Miss Str8… Ready To Shake Up Bumpa & Air Waves


Austria-based, Jamaica-Born, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Miss Str8 is expecting high reviews for her latest Release “Shake Up Ma Bumpa”.

According to Miss Str8 “she Very Happy With the release of “Shake Up Ma Bumba” alongside ILLFlavaz And Ori. The song which got a catchy up-tempo vibes to it has the potential to be a anthem for the ladies in the club, party and fetes.

Her Hit Single “Ova Me”, which was produced by Tom Hype Productions. And the video, shot by Austrian directors Jami Dread and Jamaican Dwayne Julius and features Nuhbadda We and the Wild Out dance crews Still Continues to blaze the airwaves.

She is Currently Preparing for her German tour in November.

Miss Str8… says her name says it all. “I am a straight-forward, simple, sexy, sweet and unique individual”. The young singjay who grew up in Portland/Jamaica, but is currently residing in Austria. Is a humble and God-fearing individual.

Miss Str8 is known as a lyricist and a dancer; she is anticipated by many to become a huge hardcore Dancehall/Reggae artiste in the near future.

After going through a life changing experience in 2010, she made her first single “Nuh Care”, which had a lot of influence on the lives of many young women in a very short period of time. Her unique stage presence and her powerful performances Thrills many music lovers.

Music has always played a predominant roll in her life; She said as she grew, she avoided the fact that she loved to sing and dance. And even though she tried to avoid the entertainment world, entertainment never avoided her. Friends and family who saw her potential always push her on stage or into crowd to perform, and she always left the scene a winner or at the very least had the crowd asking for more.

In 2004 she decided to relocate to Austria. According to Miss Str8 It didn’t take her very long to settle in the dancehall scene and to be recognized as one of the most talented upcoming dancehall artist in Austria. She quickly stoodout with a collaboration of sexy outfits and creative dance moves. She lives by the Jamaican proverb “wa a fi u, a fi u nuh matter wa”; this means that whatever is due to you shall be received by you no matter what forces try to hinder the process.

After dropping her first single “NUH CARE” in 2010, she got some well deserved recognition which lead to a host of bookings for stage-shows on the Austrian music scene. Though she is seen as one of the hottest and most outspoken up and coming female dancehall acts in Austria, Miss Str8 remains humble and considers herself to be an ordinary person.

Miss Str8 who has had the opportunity to performed along-side artist such as Aidonia, Antony B, Demarco, Mr. Vegas, Gappy-Ranx, Tenza, Tiana, few others. She is dead set becoming a musical brand that will echo for many years to come.