Grenadian Designer Lushawn Franc Roberts: “Making Something Out Of Nothing”


We Have all Heard the quote “making something out of nothing” well one person who has definitely perfect that is Grenadian designer Lushawn Franc Robert

DSC_0155Lushawn Franc Robert who hails from River Sallee in St Patrick is into designing clothing using recyclable material. A Barber by Profession, Roberts has been creating a number of master pieces using items such as Newspapers, Aluminum foil, plastic cups among others.

According to Roberts, interest for designing recyclable wear peaked in 2014.

He says “At First It was making the recycle outfit for Rehanna warren at the first ever face of Grenada, and after that he got a lot of comments and motivation, so he used that to boost his spirit in designing because he really loves it”

Host Krystal With K and Designer Lushawn Franc Roberts

Many person’s partaking in pageant have reached out to Franc to create pieces for their Recyclable wear, although the aspiring designer has been getting recognition locally, it now seems that some international eyes are set on him.

Mr. Roberts Was invited to be a part of Black Expo Design in Montreal this year but due to lack of finance he has to change that plan for next year.

Black Expo is an event which seeks to promote Afro-Canadian designers and designers of other origins to expose representative “Afro Modern Art” through a prestigious fashion show.

Franc says that he is looking for person’s to come on board to assist making his trip the Black Expo; a fashion event to be held in May 2017 in Montreal, Canada, a success.

Persons can also reach out to Franc Via his facebook page craftdespice.