Beijing, China, Written by Mina Booker

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Mina Booker

On Friday May 13 Grenadian journalists and editors participating in the 2016 seminar for journalists and editors of Grenada were educated on the operations of state owned China Radio International by supervisor of international news broadcasting English service Guan Jaunjaun.

Jaunjaun had previous experience as a Jerusalem based correspondent for the CRI and holds a masters degree in public administration from a Netherlands based university. During her presentation she sought to deliver an overall picture of the Chinese media industry, which according to her has been affected by economic slowdown, sees a growth rate of 12.3%, with a total turnover of about 1275 billion yuan.

Juanjuan outlined to the Grenadian delegation new threats to the Chinese media: traditional media saw a decline in advertisement in: Print Newspaper 35.4%, Magazine 4.6%, Radio 0.4%, T.V 4.6% &                         Public transit advertisement 8.8% meanwhile commercial advertisement grew by 17.1%, Internet 22% & Cinema adverts 63.8%.

Upon her engagement with the Grenadian media the following questions were posed to the media workers by Juanjuan:

What kind of Grenada do you want the CRI to present to the world audience?

What are the most unique characteristics of Grenada?

What is the most popular media in Grenada?

How important is mobile phone in people’s life in Grenada?

Are there any Chinese elements we can find in Grenada?

Are you satisfied with products made in China?

The Grenadians journalists shared local music with JuanJaun who accepted it well, she further questioned Grenada’s acceptance to other genres of music including pop.

She is quoted as saying “I like a culture which has unique types of music but doesn’t close its doors to other genres.”

The 2016 delegation will visit the China radio international on Monday may 16th.