Avoid, Intercept, Redesign


The Grenada Government has signed an agreement with international environmental group Parley for the Oceans to support a pilot project that will intercept plastic waste before it reaches the landfill.

The project is called Avoid, Intercept, Redesign.

Fisheries Minister Roland Bhola said Parley runs a Remote Island Interception programme to help coastal communities avoid unnecessary plastic, intercept and recycle existing waste, and drive the eco innovation that can end the cycle of pollution for good.

According to Bhola, Parley also works to build awareness of the grave impacts of ocean plastic pollution on marine ecosystems through unique communications and education campaigns.

The signing was held on the second day of the two-week Blue Growth Conference, and Bhola explained that the areas of cooperation will include working collaboratively to develop and implement island-wide plastics recycling programmes and working to develop and implement public education and awareness programmes on plastic waste.

Mike Long, who signed on behalf of Parley, said the initiative is aimed at reducing and eliminating the amount of plastic that ends up at the perseverance landfill.

The memorandum of understanding imposes no financial obligation on the Government and co-operative activities will not be initiated until the appropriate funding has been identified to implement programmes.

Long said that Parley will strive to utilise its extensive international network to continue to provide support and resources where needed to ensure full and long-term implementation of this initiative.