A Call To Document Aspects Of Our Culture For Preservation Purposes……By Kevin Peterkin


By Kevin Peterkin

I am making a call to the leaders of culture and music in Grenada to come together and form a body that is going to document aspects of our culture for preservation purposes.

I will like for those with the knowledge to come forward and share and document so that further insight can be obtained into our musical origins. As we approach the 2016 Spice Mass, gaining better knowledge and understanding of why we do what we do and where it came from, is important. For our understanding and the understanding of others.


“Grenada’s contribution to West Indian culture is Jab Jab Music and its traditions. Although, Jab Jab music has been more influenced by the notable Soca and Calypso genres, Jab is a unique genre in its own rights.

Contrary to some circles of beliefs, that this form of music was only formed as a sub-genre of calypso; it is evident that in the way the Jab culture is portrayed in Grenada today, that the undiluted, unadulterated forms of these specific chants, phrasing, dances and drum patterns still existing in parts of Africa, amongst indigenous tribes. Outside of Ghana, Sierra Leone, Yuroba, Zulu which are but only but a few where their indigenous and distinct features in music still exist, it is also, ONLY evident in the practice in Grenada and within Grenadian communities worldwide, to this day.

This shows that the true meaning behind the chants, drumming and shells are more than that which was derived only about 50 or 60 years ago. Grenadians need to now classify Jab Jab Music and define the criteria and elements that constitute the genre. Drum pattern, BPM, basic instruments used in the formation of the beat, the way the message is conveyed, the message, etc., all need to be clearly defined and outlined so the so as to preserve this aspect of our culture. It must all be documented.

This will help future generations in the search for our ancestors and exactly where we came from. Then we will all know where we belong, our origin, our roots, who we are and why we are. And we will have much better understandings about things that didn’t add up in the situations we were born into.”