Mr Razor:Power Of The Pen


Brings you a pulsating SWEET RHYTHM of drums, bass, horns, strings and percussions arranged by Edson Ajamu Mitchell.

It’s filled with lead melodies of Nelson Mr. Razer Mapp, together with backing vocal harmonies of Valene Nedd & Sean Don Modest, FOSTERED FROM OUR AFRICAN AND WEST INDIAN ROOTS IN THE FORM OF GOOD OLD VINTAGE CALYPSO.

In a world where governance immortalized men, power has been the sole dictator of status and poverty, mankind has gone through complete metamorphosis only to spiral into agents of self-destruction using methods of oppressions, mental and physical slavery, systematic extermination, political and judicial malfeasance and constitutional hijack.

The Power of the pen is symbolic to their despicable greed and appetite to rule unopposed and unchallenged. Meanwhile, humanity itself and the social fabric deteriorate to the point where Democracy summits as tall as the sunken Titanic of nineteen twelve which sank in twelve thousand six hundred feet or more, of cold frigid water of the North Atlantic Ocean. Deep reflection on our journey’s trials, tribulations, triumphs and very existence seek to invoke our self-consciousness, moral values, honor, faith and love for man and God in bringing enlightenment and open dialog, to our oppressors as we move forward into a new era. Our sons and daughters will be the gatekeepers.

We must ensure that our history is written to highlight the suffering of our ancestors, modern heroes, heroines, and martyrs must absolutely not be in vain!!!!

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