Changes Within Social Safety Net SEED


By Mina Booker

The Ministry of Social Development is looking forward to the relaunch of its Social Safety Net Programme –Support for Education Empowerment and development (SEED) Programme according to its project manager Leonora George Buckmire.

The overall aim of SEED, which is funded by the World Bank, is reducing poverty and increasing investment in human capital among the poor and vulnerable.

Upon indicating the changes Buckmire says that this will be mainly carried out by three new installments.

These include the management system, targeting system and communication, information and education programme.

Assistance under this programme was recently extended to the tertiary institutions (TAMCC, NEWLO & SGU).

With the programme transitioning household can benefit up to $400.

The Ministry of Social Development is in the process of transforming its cash transfer programs. The move follows a recent analysis of the Ministry’s Social Safety Nets.

As the first primary step to Social Safety Net Reform in Grenada, a new program is being launched. It’s called SEED – Support for Education, Empowerment and Development.