Grenadian Zoë Leid On The Path To Musical Success


We’re all born for greatness. We’re all born to be explorers, leaders and legends. We’re all born to make our mark and change the world. We’re born to forge our own paths, find our own adventures and to make a name for ourselves. One such person is Grenadian Zoë Leid, a singer song writer with a voice so bless it’s like cotton candy melting on the tongue, so easy and sweet.

The singer who uses her legal name as her persona says she has been singing as long as she can remember but started writing music at the early age of six.

In life we all got people and things that inspires us, when it comes to Zoë her two favourite artistes Alexz Johnson and Eminem has been her inspiration. According to her they’re the reason why she began writing songs to express herself.

The singer who is a strong believer in Christ says due to her Christian background calling herself a dancehall artiste is difficult. But as Christopher Morely once statedThere is only one success: To be able to spend your life in your own way’’. And for Zoë while most people knows her for singing Jazz and Christian Pop, Dancehall is her life and passion. she says she is open to other genres having done performances in over 5 languages but will always consider herself a Dancehall artiste.

According to the singer when she is not on stage you can find her hiding in a corner reading a book or going out to eat, two of her favourite things along with arts and crafts because when she in a sticky mood making earrings calms her down.

And while the artiste still awaits her big tipping point in her career. She says her biggest obstacles right now is getting people’s attention because she wants to be consider as a real artiste, but thinks some people are blinded by her pretty face so they often don’t take her serious until she open her mouth and sing and they hear her captivating voice.

Zoe is hoping one day to do a collaboration with Dancehall sensation popcaan or the soca king Machel Montano and even though they are not her favourite artiste per say their music make her happy. She says their music is so powerful and enriching and she would be honoured to work with either one of them or both.

The singer/songwriter dreams of one day becoming a platinum Grammy winning artiste, she also hope to change people lives for the better and inspire them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, show them that it’s ok to be different.

Zoe released her latest single ice cream truck on all music platforms on august 9th. In honor of her father’s birthday.

The song features Zoë mellifluous voice on a captivating Dancehall beat which has the potential of becoming a ladies favourite in the party and fete, having them “drip dip” from the command of her voice.

She is currently working on a few acting projects and shooting of the music video for ice cream truck, also on a new song set to release in late October.

 Zoë Leid

Singer, Actress, Model