Miss Str8 Is About To Whine Up A Heat This Summer


JAMAICAN Austria base Miss Str8 “The SM Queen” is once again about to turn on the heat this summer, as she about to drop another bomb, a musical bomb! A bomb that will have all the ladies in the fetes, parties, at home waistline exploding with gyration.

The musical bomb name “How Fi Whine” produced by Grenada’s Jamie Victor from Iconic Productions will have the ladies in a trance and the guys in breathless mode this summer and beyond.

How Fi Whine will Official be release on August 25th along with a video which was shoot and edited by Thomas Moser and directed by Jan Brenner. The video also features some of Austria’s best dancers Valerija leitner, Annik Zieger-Glockler, Andrea Trapichler, Veronika Trapichler, Jasmin Halper, Jessica Halper, Sebastian Honigsperger, Kenneth Chen, Michelle Egger, Bobb Griffith.

The video is going to be so addictive that from the time you view it your waistline won’t be able to resist the gyration.  A well-directed and edited video that has the potential to top a number of charts when drop on august 25th.

According to the SM Queen “How Fi Whine” Is Different, it’s unique it’s a simple song she believes that everyone can enjoy and have fun with. She also believes it will do extremely well on the international markets.

So as Miss Str8 Gear Up for the release of the musical bomb “how Fi Whine” one thing is certain the fans would not be disappointed, because it’s going to be sizzling hot. So remember the date August 25th.

All who can whine, ready up! And all who can’t start learn from now!