Grenada Film Festival 2017


BY Mina Booker

Grenada’s Economy  and the Tourism sector are set to benefit from a locally hosted  film festival  in 2017.

The Global Film Festival Grenada edition will run from May 19th -24th  and is designed to bring films to grenada that would otherwise not be shown here, due to lack of opportunity to view them.

About 12 films are expected to be shown island wide  on big screens, with a 40 foot inflatable screen to be set up at the Morne Rouge Playing field.

The Festival is currently being organised by the Grenada film Commission.

Senior Advisor Charles Bhola says that purpose of the festival  is to expose film  to the international community , as many on the international scene are already excited about it.

Minister  of Culture Senator Brenda Hood hopes the festival will open eyes to the possibilities in the industry.

“The Film industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and if us here can get a percentage of this ,to start up with it would make a big difference.”

The festival will be supported by Disney.