Grenada National Organisation Of Women Supports The Human Rights Constitutional Amendment BIill


 Statement By Chairman, Constitution Reform Advisory Committee

The Grenada National Organisation of Women (‘GNOW’) supports the Constitution of Grenada (Rights and Freedoms) (Amendment) Bill, which will be among the seven Bills intended to amend the Constitution, and so seeking the approval of voters at the Referendum on 27th October.

This was stated yesterday 14th September by Jacqueline Pascal of GNOW, who said that GNOW approves the Chapter on Gender Equality which the Bill wants to insert in the Constitution.

The GNOW spokesperson was at the time speaking at the Public Workers’ Union building, Tanteen, St. George’s, at a public education session on Constitution Reform. This was organised by the Grenada Bar Association, headed by Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph.

The Chapter on Gender Equality would guarantee that men and women shall be entitled to equal rights, especially in economic, educational, political, civic and social activities. It would provide that men and women shall be entitled to equal access to academic, vocational and professional training; to equal opportunities in employment and promotion; and to equal pay for equal work.

By that Bill, too, references in the Constitution to the word ‘he’ would be replaced by the words ‘he or she’. This would make the Constitution gender inclusive.

This public expressing of endorsement of the Human Rights Bill by the National Organisation for Women is a positive development to Constitution Reform, says  CRAC Chairman Francis Alexis.