Caribbean stalwart, Grenadian Dr. Lemuel Stanislaus has died in Brooklyn

Longtime Caribbean community leader Dr. Lamuel Stanislaus, seen addressing the United Nations General Assembly in 2004 when he was Grenada's UN ambassador

The Caribbean immigrant community in New York is in mourning

One of its most prominent voices, Dr. Lemuel Stanislaus, a former Grenada Ambassador to the United Nations and a dentist for more than 60 years in New York City has died in Brooklyn.

Dr. Stanislaus served at the UN for about e decade in the 1990s and was known for his eloquence and dignity. As a Brooklyn resident he had formed close partnerships with many of New York’s political, economic and social elite, including the late Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Mario Cuomo, Governor of the state of New York for a dozen years. The Grenadian had been ailing for some time.

His death was confirmed by Dr. Joseph Radix, a nephew.

“He passed away at a hospice in Brooklyn this morning,” said Dr. Radix, a prominent dentist whose wife, Sylvia Hinds-Radix is a New York State Appeal’s court justice. “Dr. Stanislaus was devoted to community service in New York, Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean and to the national development of his beloved Grenada as well as to the well-being of people of color, whether they were born in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa or elsewhere.”

The retired diplomat and health professional was  95.