Grenada NDC changes its Colour(s)


Grenada’s opposition National Democratic Congress is no longer the party of yellow. It is the party of red, green and gold – the colours represented on the national flag.

  At what it called a rebranding roll-out Thursday night, the NDC said in a statement that “the logo incorporates the three national colours red green and gold. This inclusion of the national colours is a break with the colour divide in our country and is something the people asked for.”

NDC said further:  “We are prepared to demonstrate in word and deed, that there is a place for every Grenadian on this journey and that no one will be left behind.”

The new logo now incorporates a red heart, sitting on a wave-like trio of lines of red, green and gold.

It is not clear with the “re-branding” if during campaign time the party will do away with its trademark yellow-t-shirts.