John Anthony Rullow, benefitted from social safety net programme SEED, for a number of years, due to his disability, however recently he was removed from the programme.

Joy ManCinni Welfare officer within the Ministry of Social Development, speaking on the issue says that one’s eligibility for World Bank Funded the Safety Net Programme is decided by a computer system, an update to the existing programme, made under the third cycle.

Discovering pitfalls during previous cycles of the programme, restructuring was done.She says if persons find their removal from the programme unjust, they should follow the appeals process.

She says that commonly persons who reach the age of 60 see the programme as a means pension.

The World Bank funded programme has been in action since 2012, unifying three major cash transfers under the programme, namely  the  School Transportation Allowance, the Necessitous Fund and the Public Assistance Program.The Programme  is being reviewed based on guidelines put forward by the World Bank.