Females Dominate Alcohol Consumption in Secondary Schools


The Figures On Drug Use Amongst Our Students Are Out, And While Grenada Is No Worse Off Than The Rest Of The Caribbean, A Sense Of Shock Still overwhelms You As The Information Is Analyzed. The Secondary Schools Drug Prevalence Survey Of 2013 Seeks To Shed Light On A Subject That Is Usually Clouded By Assumption. The Survey, Which Is Part Of The Revised Draft Of The National School Policy On Drugs, Serves As A Blueprint To Grenada’s Ministry Of Education On Much-Needed AdjustmentsTo Reduce Drug Use In Secondary Schools.
I fully understand the deeply rooted psychology of Associating Alcohol with ‘Having Fun’ In Our Society, Especially with the Young, However, I Cannot Ignore The Facts. The Figures From The 2013 Secondary Schools Drug Prevalence Survey Unmasks An Alarming Rise In Alcohol Use Among Our Young Females. A Whopping 75% Of Them Consume Alcohol Compared To 69% Of Young Men.
A serious question arises if the young women of today, considered as the hands to shape our next generation, is so caught on a path of drug and alcohol abuse, what does our future look like? This is far from media fear tactics, this article sole intent is to raise awareness. We are too nonchalant about alcohol and drug consumption and its abuse, that is almost unavoidable once indulged in the juvenile years.
As stated in the beginning Grenada does not stand alone. The plague of underage alcohol and drug consumption can be noticed in most if not all Caribbean nations, evidence can be found in the Organisation of American States (OAS), 2011 Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), Comparative Analysis of Student Drug Use in Caribbean Countries. This Analysis reviewed drug and alcohol use among students in 12 different Caribbean countries. It showed that alcohol prevalence for the past year in neighboring Trinidad and Tobago males 66.23% while females 66.91%, Antigua and Barbuda males 47.73%, females 50.46% and Barbados males 52.94%, females 56.26% higlighting a concerning trend outlining the issue of our young female students out drinking the males.
It’s evident that concern must be given to this issue, as any notable physiologist can confirm the social issues that go hand in hand with alcohol abuse are monumental, so…what do we do?
While The Ministry of Education in Grenada And All Stakeholders Involve Prepare To Mount The Attack On Drug Usage In Our School By Way Of The National School Policy On Drugs, Which Is Expected To Be Presented in Mid 2017, I want to sound the alarm of vigilance, the Treacherous Area Of Alcohol Use Amongst Our Young Girls cannot be sidestepped.
In general drug use among our student should gain the attention of every concerned citizen. It Is Very hard to disregard the many Areas of Concern Erupting, the Increase in Reported Cases of Young Female Runaways, The Exploding of Explicit Behavior Involving Our Young Women on Social Media suggest that there might be a link between this distasteful behavior and the information from these surveys. The Plethora Of Drugs And Substances Used By Our Students Range From Inhalants And Solvents To Cocaine And Tranquilizers, The Initial Average Contact That Our Students Have With These Substances Start Off At The Shocking Age Of 11.
It is fair to note that there is hope as The Drug Prevalence Survey Of 2013 Future Shows An Overall Decline In Drug Usage Compared To The First And Second Secondary School Surveys, Which Were Conducted In 2002 And 2005. I hope this article evokes a sense of responsibility on every reader to play their part in securing not just our students future but our nations as well. Let’s stand with our government as they try to create a glimmer of Hope on the Horizon. The Island of Grenada has embarked on a policy which we hope will make a world of difference, the Pending Draft to the National School Policy.
So, I As A Concerned Observer And A Strong Patriot, I Await This School Policy With My Fingers Crossed And A Prayer.