Not a Result of Political Spite -“It’s Naz Who Owes” Publication



Journalist Hamlet Mark

Veteran Media Practioner Hamlet Mark was the one who first released, via his online publication in the Carib Update Newspaper that the Former Finance Minister, now leader of the main opposing party owes government   78 and a half thousand dollars in taxes. The publication titled    ‘It’s Naz Who Owns’, revealed that an agreement was made between the Ministry of Finance to waive over 35-thousand dollars in penalty payments for the Senator.
The publication further states that “Documents show that because of the taxes owed, the Ministry of Finance had suggested to him,
that he will have to pay a little over five thousand
dollars to settle the issue.”

Former Finance Minister, Now Leader of the Opposition – Senator Nazim Burke

While claiming the occurrence to be fabricated, Senator Burke admitted that government is the one who actually owes him.
During a weekly National Democratic Congress (NDC) briefing, questions from the Journalist were not allowed.
This Mark described as ‘Mud In The Water’.

Known for his affiliation to the current administration,’Not a result of Political Spite,’ is what Hamlet Mark Further described the publication as, he insisted that there was another NDC member who is facing similar issues.


NDC member Vincent Roberts

Another member of the NDC Vincent Roberts said that the security aspect of the release of financial statements is alarming.
Nazim Burke a lawyer is further questioning why he was charged operational fees when he occupied the Finance Minister Post from 2008-2013.