Carnival Art Exhibit


Toronto’s carnival festival, which was founded in 1967 by Grenadians, Trinidadians and other Caribbean nationals in the Canadian city and christened “Caribana,” is marking its 50th anniversary this year.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, a series of photographic exhibitions has been mounted, featuring carnival scenes. And, among the exhibitors is Grenada-born, self-taught photographer Ian Grant.

“I like taking shots of images that have stories behind them. It creates dialogue and discussion about the piece of work and that brings me a lot pleasure,’’ Grant said on Monday, at the opening of an exhibition in Toronto.

The exhibition, which runs until July 31, is titled “The Art of Caribbean Carnival.’’ It’s being hosted at the headquarters of a prominent social service agency, Tropicana, whose president is Jenny Gumbs, former Grenada Consul General in Toronto.

At the exhibition’s opening, telecommunication provider, Freedom Mobile, donated $25,000 in support of digital technology at a computer lab at Tropicana.

“I’m hoping that sometime in the future, I’ll be able to do something in a gallery in Grenada. I would love to,’’ Grant said.

For Jamaican-Canadian photographer and graphic artist, Patrick Halsall, it’s his first exhibition of carnival pictures. He has been shooting carnival scenes for many years, and has sold some of his work.

“There is a gentleman who buys a piece from me almost every year,’’ he disclosed.

Among the visitors to the exhibition on Monday were CEO of Toronto Carnival, Denise Herrera-Jackson, and Chin Lee, a Toronto City Councillor.