David Andrew Receives Scholastic Achievement Award


David Andrew, a school counselor and Clinical Supervisor for District 4, with student support services at the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development & The Environment, has been presented with the 2017 Clinical Network Conference Scholastic Achievement Award.

This award is given to an alumni, or student, of the Caribbean Nazarene College, who has advanced the caring profession, by outstanding clinical, or community service, and made a noticeable difference in the quality of life of many people. Rev. Victor Price, Ph.D., founder of the Clinical Network Conference, presented Andrew with the award, during a ceremony on May 27, 2017, in Trinidad and Tobago, in recognition of Andrew’s outstanding service in counselling in Grenada.

“This award serves as impetus to continue in this helping profession – impacting the lives of others. It is particularly encouraging that my contributions are being recognized and valued by other professionals in the region. I am humbled to receive the Clinical Network Conference Award 2017,” Andrew said.

Andrew, who holds a Master of Arts in Counselling (Magna Cum Laude) and a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, with a concentration in Psychology and Counseling (Suma Cum Laude), was a French speaking mental health service provider in January 2010, to survivors of the Haitian earthquake. Andrew is a fluent French speaker and has a C.E.F.P (Certificat Élémentaire de Français Pratique) and a Diplômes de Langue, issued by the Alliance Française.

Andrew was also a counseling therapist, with Elder Associates Ltd. Trinidad and Tobago, and a guidance counselor with the student support services division at the Ministry of Trinidad and Tobago. He served as an adjunct undergraduate faculty in Psychology, at the Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad and Tobago, lecturing in Lifespan Development and Abnormal Psychology and was a research advisor to final year students.

Between 2005-2008 Andrew was director of the distance and online education programmes (Creative Access Programme) of the Caribbean Nazarene College. Prior to this he taught for 10 years at the Grenville Secondary School in Grenada, between 1993 and 2003.

Andrew has been a clinical health professional, attached to the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and the Environment, for approximately 9 years.

The Masters in Counselling students of the Caribbean Nazarene College host the Clinical Network Conference each year, to addresses social issues in Trinidad and Tobago.