SADO President Royan Charles being acknowledge by Matron of Cadrona Home
Member of the Sensation Band Singing to Elderly Citizens of the Home

August 24, 2017 Grenville, St. Andrew’s – The St. Andrew Development Organisation in collaboration with Sensation
Band, the Lacakabaka/Grandlet Youth Group, Big Joe International, Daddy Wayne Groceries, Made in Grenada and other partners brought a carnival-like atmosphere to elderly citizens of the Cadrona Home for the Aged.
The residents were entertained with live band music from Sensation Band and dancing from the Rainbow Charm
Dancers. Supply hampers were handed over to Matron Vian Persue, these included cleaning supplies and toiletries for
the residents.
SADO and its partners recognizes the contributions of the Elderly citizens in our community, and in this regard washappy to remind residents that they have not been forgotten.
Matron Pursue expressed appreciation to the all stakeholders, “we really appreciate the continued support to make the residents happy, although all residents were unable to stand and dance, we could have seen the smiles on their faces.”
Royan Charles President of the SADO assured the Matron that together with the partners there will always be support towards assisting the Cadrona Home. Manager of Sensation Band, Mr. Benson Alridge also pledged his continued support in returning to the Home to entertain the residents.

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About SADO

St Andrew’s Development Organisation (SADO), established in 1986, is located in the town of Grenville, parish of St Andrew, on the Caribbean Island of Grenada. In response to the closing of the Pearls Airport in the parish and the concern over the lack of
tourism initiatives in the area, SADO was constituted with the following goals:
1. To develop the parish of St. Andrew culturally.
2. To foster (a) a better relationship among parishioners and
(b) a better relationship among parishes
3. To encourage visitors to come to the parish of St. Andrew.
With the absence of any local governing body, SADO’s intent was to join hands with the government to identify areas of
development for the parish.
SADO is an all-volunteer organization with duly elected officers from broad membership.