Learning Route:Finding Decent Opportunities for Rural Youth





Farmers , Agricultural Enthusiasts  and members of civil societies are meeting in Grenada this week for a workshop aimed at “Small Scale Innovative Projects to Promote Youth Involvement in Productive Rural Opportunities.”

The WorkShop which commenced on Monday is being supported by Programme for Rural Development Training (PROCASUR) ,  Food And Agriculture Organisation (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Grenada’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Planned as part of the journey is the Learning Route, which seeks to expand and diversify the rural knowledge market, using successful Grenadian Examples including:

-The Grenada Chocolate Company

-Clozier Youth Farmers Co-operative Society

-Sandy Family Agro-Procesing Business

-Grenada Ecosystems Resilience Research institute

-Her Majesty’s Prison


Through This Project Participants are able to :

-Learn good practices, impact and challenges through the promotion of entrepreneurial and business learning

-Understand the importance of Networking generating strategic alliances

-Understand institutional framework for national public policies, programs and projects.

The Overall aim of the project is to expose the possibility of the development of agricultural and non agricultural productive activities for participants in their rural areas.

The Workshop concludes on September 8th.