The Mott Green Model “The Dream That Keeps Living”


No Idea is too Far Fetched to Reach, this is the lesson pulled from thorough analysis of the  Grenada Chocolate Company .

Often times I overlooked the work being done by the company, but it was my participation in an activity offered to help promote rural opportunities for Men & women in Grenada Offered by Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) , PROCASUR and the Ministry of Agriculture,that broadened my view of the entity.

Keisha Clarke one of the Participants of the Learning Route-Expressing Gratitude to Edmund   the only surviving founding member of the Grenada Chocolate Factory.

What Inspired Me Most About the Chocolate Factory:

Mott got involved  with like-minded ( Doug Browne and Edmund Browne) to form the company. The business took on somewhat a family oriented approach;Where Mott shared his expertise, traveled to many large scale chocolate company’s with his co-founders, not forgetting developing of a relationship with farmers. The village of Hermitage , built on the backs of slaves, booming with nutmeg and cocoa  and lush vegetation  all played a part in adding to the quality of producing small scale chocolate (which is rare).

The Chocolate Dream took 12 years to complete but brought life to the village;Brought Hope to Farmers (who were witnesses to the

It took Mott 12 years of Research ,sourcing material  and identifying his Niche before producing his renown chocolate.While Milk chocolate Bar could be found on every Shelf in every Grenadian Supermarket , the “Tree to Bar” approach was taken. Mott Decided to go Organic.Mott Shared his expertise to his family at the chocolate factory; This is one of the main reasons why the Chocolate Dream never died when he did. He Sourced and customized all his equipment and in the process included renewable energy.Often times I overlooked the work being done by the company, but it was my participation in an activity offered to help promote rural opportunities for Men & women in Grenada Offered by Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) .


This Learning the route Allowed the 13 participants to tour  Grenada Chocolate Factory and  get first hand knowledge of the passion , love being put into this premium product, exposing  lessons that ought to be taken as a stepping stone to develop their products and services.

Undeniably the staff at the factory were a family,where even one of the eldest members of the community was involved.



The Factory was responsible for revolutionizing the connection between farming and fine high value chocolate model.

Many Businesses ought to take a lesson from this Book:

*Money Isn’t all in a business!

*Operating on a small scale, identifying your niche markets and sharing expertise  with your staff will not Hurt you! Your Legacy May continue when you die!

*Surround Yourself with like minded People!

*Quality Over Quantity Every Day!

*Old Can be Fixed into new, as with the Machines! Sustainable & Innovative Approaches Can be Taken!

*No Idea is too Far Fetched- It Took Mott-12 years of research and laying ground work before even one  bar was produced.



Our Organic Dark Chocolate comes in six varieties:

  • 60% Chocolate: sweet and rich with an intense and complex chocolate flavour
  • 71% Chocolate: strong bitter-sweet with extra fruity cocoa flavour notes
  • 82% Chocolate: Strong, dry cocoa flavour with very intense fruity notes
  • Nib-A-Licious: Crispy and delicious cocoa nibs (pieces of roasted cocoa beans) in our 60% chocolate
  • Salty-Licious: Our 71% chocolate with Caribbean Sea Salt! Sweet, salty and chocolaty.
  • 100% Chocolate: Pure cocoa flavour, savory and delicious, light acidic fruity notes, perfect for any chocolate recipe requiring unsweetened chocolate or to eat as a strong savory snack! Source:Grenada Chocolate Company





To Date These are the awards that have been received  by the company :

Year Category image Award
2013 Best Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar Silver
2011 Bean to Bar: Best Dark Bar Silver
2008 Best Dark Organic Bar Silver
2006 Best Drinking Chocolate Bronze
2005 Best Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers Bar – a discretionary award made by the judges Bronze


The Value added to the Cocoa Crop, helped the local economy and created jobs;It also was the first organic Chocolate Produced from Home Grown Cocoa , which is in high demand internationally .In an Industry Haunted by Child Slavery , in the Ivory Coast and   other countries, Mott  and his team’s dream differed!!