Minister wants stiffer penalties for Rapists


Having an increase in the number of sexual offences to date, female Government Minister Clarice Modeste wants stiffer penalties for Pedophiles and rapists.  Far too long many of these perpetrator she says are given just a slap on the wrist.

“There is the perception that based on the way some of these criminals who commit rape are treated that they are given ,What they call a slap on the wrist;A very light sentence , the bail is set at low figures; I think that the law needs to be revised.”

Making her contribution to the Rehabilitation bill in the House of Representatives on Friday 8th September Modeste said she was exceedingly pleased with the addition of rape as a non-pardonable offence, along with murder and arson.

“If we put in rape in the category of murder and manslaughter, the sentencing & the treatment of these people must be reflective. I know there has been concern raised in recent times; We have discussed this at the cabinet level , extensively  , especially among our female members; We are having discussion as to what practical things we can do to bring psychological & ecological relief to the victim; The person who commits the crime also needs psychological support and counselling ; I am pleased that this is not a crime that has been chosen for the pardon and rehabilitation.”