CEO Of Regional air Carrier LIAT, LIAT CEO Julie Reifer-Jones admits that the Recent Hurricanes have had severe impacts on the cash-strapped airline.

Reifer -Jones was speaking in St. Georges Thursday at the SOTIC Conference held under the theme “Relief & Recovery”

While it may not be wholly uncommon due to the passage of storms every year; Jones says that the strength of the Hurricanes, have had some influence on viable flights.

“Following the Passage of the Hurricanes about 4 territories are no longer operating on a commercial basis within our flight schedule. That’s St. Maarten, Tortola, San Juan and Dominica. For us, these are substantial destinations in terms of the impact done on Revenues. Our assessment at this point is that it is about 35% of LIAT’s Revenue; some of that we expect to recover in the short term as territories comeback online with their hotels and facilities. Based on our Experience with Erica, it took about nine (9) Months before it came back to a normal level. We know that this will be a significant Impact on LIAT and we’re still assessing the long-term impacts.”

As a consequence, LIAT has decided to make consultations with shareholders and other executives.

“Our Commercial Team in the short-term we are looking at how we can redeploy some of the aircraft into other areas to balance out the situation, to provide us with opportunities to earn additional revenue.”

Reifer-Jones also alluded to less travel among passengers in the region during this period.

“There is some type of uncertainty so it will take some time before we can get the kind of recovery that we would like to see.”